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Operating some 2,450 petrol stations in Germany, Aral is the undisputed number one on Europe’s largest petrol station market. Based in Buchum since 1898, the supplier of high-quality fuels and lubricants invented the world’s first premium-grade fuel in 1924, which consists of aromatics and aliphatics – hence the company name “Aral”. Since 2002, Aral has been BP’s petrol station brand in Germany. (Source: Aral)

Project: ARAL

The fourth project phase titled “Digital point-of-sale advertising screens” started in mid-2016 with the conversion of Group-owned Aral stations in line with the Rewe-to-go concept. At the end of the first quarter of 2018, 550 43-inch screens were installed in 280 Rewe-to-go shops. This innovative sales concept is scheduled to be fully implemented and completed at all of the around 1,000 Group-owned stations by the end of 2020.


From site surveys to services provided. NORDLAND has already been partnering Aral as a system integrator for ten years. 250 initial installations in 2009 and a full-coverage rollout at 1,250 stations in 2011 was followed by the modernisation of all Aral petrol stations nationwide – including the conversion to LED screens and software adaptations – in 2015/2016. NORDLAND provides consultancy services, delivery and logistics of soft- and hardware components, on-site installation, as well as the entire range of after-sales services (maintenance and operation): 2011: 1,200 sites with approx. 2,500 32-inch screens integrated in the tobacco shelves 2015: Conversion/upgrading of approx. 550 stations with approx. 1,000 screens. 2016: Conversion/upgrading of approx. 500 sites with approx. 800 screens. Since 2016: RTG rollout at 1,000 Aral petrol stations. Scheduled for completion in 2020


Currently approx. 1,200 sites

2,900 LG display systems

Hardware delivery and rollout

Software used: SalesTV

Hardware used: LG 32- and 43-inch LED monitors

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