FRISCHWERK – NORDLAND implements pilot installations for an innovative petrol station concept

Frischwerk Screen Franzbrötchen und Kaffee

“Frischwerk” screens, French pastries, and fresh coffee

Ahrensburg, 16 April 2019. From Bistro & Café to 24/7 local supplier, post office and lottery retailer… – today, petrol station shops have many different functions and are becoming increasingly important in view of people‘s growing mobility.

With its innovative shop concept “Frischwerk”, the Frechen-based wholesaler Lekkerland has implemented a retail concept that has been perfectly adapted in line with changing consumer needs. Both the fresh design and sophisticated lighting system ensure a pleasant atmosphere and form a visual unit. Different concept modules – such as the bakery – focus on catering services and clearly convey the message of “freshly prepared food” in the newly designed shops.

Frischwerk neue Innenraumgestaltung

“Frischwerk”: innovative interior design

In order to create an inviting shopping experience, the “Frischwerk” concept increasingly focusses on implementing Digital Signage components. Following many years of successful cooperation in the field of conceptual design and the nationwide rollout of around 2,600 digital Lekkerland “Top Tip” counter displays, NORDLAND, as a system integrator with a holistic approach, has been asked to support and implement Lekkerland’s new POS concept.


In addition to the shops‘ characteristic interior design comprising mainly wood and metal elements as well as the colour black, using digital advertising screens to approach customers – both directly and indirectly – is an essential key element of the “Frischwerk“ communication strategy. Placed at strategic positions within the shop, these digital posters guide customers through the store and advertise special offers, depending on the time of day and location. Customers will find the advertised products in direct proximity to the respective screens. In addition, the spots displayed at the POS are also shown on the “Frischwerk” website.

Frischwerk Shop-Bereich im neuen Design

“Frischwerk”: newly designed shop area

The innovative concept of presenting a great mix consisting of a bakery, a fresh-food convenience counter and a classic petrol station shop has impressed even industry experts: In February 2018, the “Frischwerk” pilot store in Aalen was awarded the accolade of “Shop of the Year” in the category “best petrol station shop” by the jury of the trade magazine “Convenience-Shop”.

Following the successful implementation of, thus far, seven pilot sites in Germany with different industrial partners and varying, location-dependent requirements, the adapted “Frischwerk” concept will be made available to Lekkerland customers as of 2019.   

In addition to providing comprehensive planning and consulting services within the scope of the “Frischwerk” project, NORDLAND is responsible for the delivery of soft- and hardware as well as the installation and support of the respective DS components.

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