NORDLAND expands its portfolio through a strategic partnership with m2solutions EDV-Service GmbH

Ahrensburg, 13 August 2019. North-German Alliance – Strong for Europe!

The Ahrensburg-based company NORDLAND GmbH, one of the leading Full-Service system integrators for Digital Signage solution and services in Europe, and the company m2solutions EDV-Service GmbH, a solutions and IT service provider with ca. 150 employees headquartered in Neustadt/Holstein, have agreed to enter into a strategic partnership.

In times of globalisation, linked networks are becoming more and more important. This applies also, and in particular, to successful SME companies that aim to adapt their business strategies to increasingly changing international markets.

Within the framework of their shared entrepreneurial focus on Europe as a target market, this new cooperation between NORDLAND and m2solutions as a Full-Service overall business system is a unique and highly efficient combination: “For NORDLAND as an internationally oriented company, cooperating with businesses and institutions whose products and services complement our own portfolio is becoming increasingly important. m2solutions strengthens our existing network of competent service partners, and, in the future, our customers all over Europe will profit from our extended range of IT solutions, a comprehensive and close-knit network of highly qualified technicians, and the combined expert knowledge of both companies”, explains Matthias Holz, Managing Director at NORDLAND.

The two Northern German companies have already successfully implemented various joint projects in the past 5 years. “We have, in fact, thoroughly tested and scrutinised each other at both ends”, outlines Reiner Matthiessen, Managing Director at m2solutions. And the outcome was more than satisfactory for both parties. Our products and services ideally complement each other, and what’s more, they offer extremely exciting synergy effects: This new, direct access to NORDLAND’s portfolio, for example, means opening up the complex world of the trend topic Digital Signage to our customers.”

Joint customer support requires both complete trust in one another and responsible conduct – in particular when it comes to confidential customer data and processes. Moreover, the accreditation of m2solutions as NORDLAND‘s SCC-certified service provider documents the high level of quality and reliability in terms of the applied service and safety standards of both companies. Banks, petrol stations, or even nuclear power plants – this new alliance is not only equipped with the competencies required to work in particularly safety-sensitive and potentially hazardous areas throughout Europe, but also has the necessary logistical capabilities: “At our site in Ahrensburg alone, we currently have a storage capacity of more than 3,500 pallet spaces”, explains Matthias Holz.


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