NORDLAND INSIDER – May we introduce you to Hilde?

Ahrensburg, 13 August 2019. In the last view days, our Technical Dispositions & Planning department has seen even more hustle and bustle than usual. All of a sudden, everybody seems to have something

“re-e-e-ally important“ to sort out or discuss in the planning department at least once or twice a day – and, of course, it requires a personal visit, since, you know, walking to and fro and up and down the corridor keeps you fit and healthy, …right?!

This unusual rush, of course, has a reason. And this reason has a name:

May we introduce you to … Hilde!

Our new colleague, who, with her charismatic personality, beautiful golden-brown eyes and silky hair, has swept everybody at NORDLAND off their feet right from the very start…:

Hilde, née Dusty vom Steindammer Forst, radiates an infectious joie de vivre – even when she is asleep. Because even then, simply watching her is bound to warm the cockles of your heart.

And she (at least until now) sleeps a lot, because a long working day is pretty exhausting for a 13-week old puppy; and so, sufficient rest and recuperation is immensely important for her.

However, there is a lot to do for Hilde. And also a lot for her to learn. And exactly these are the moments when Hilde prefers to take some time out. But never mind, because, after all, becoming a dyed-in-the-wool NORDLANDIAN takes time and a little patience, too. Not to mention the support of both her two- and four-legged (yes, there are others!) colleagues. But any shortage in that area is surely not to be expected.  

To be continued…

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