Résumé 2019/2020: Cross-border growth – NORDLAND remains on course for success!

Ahrensburg, 3 January 2020.

At NORDLAND, the year 2019 was characterised by a further increase in the number of international projects and tenders. In addition to many new customers, our client portfolio included long-standing business partners who we now also support on a European scale and beyond, and not “only” throughout Germany. We are thrilled about this entrepreneurially demanding development, since it provides clear evidence that we have done a good job in the past.

The increasing Europeanisation, or Internationalisation, is therefore one of our favourite catchwords of the year – as it describes a trend that will no doubt become a standard in the years to come. Though offering great potential for both our company and the entire industry, this development is also accompanied by new challenges. The large number of difficult issues discussed on the big political stage in 2019, such as “Brexit”, climate change, and, not least, the simmering trade dispute between the US and China, led to tangible planning uncertainty, which in some cases resulted in significant postponements or delays of projects and rollouts.

Growing internationalisation also changes the requirements posed on all project participants. Classic “integrators” as such no longer exist. Both our tasks and contact partners are changing; while increasingly influenced by marketing aspects, our job is becoming much more holistic and integral at the same time. In addition to technical know-how and competent implementation of their projects, clients today demand expert advice on both strategy and management issues as well as customised products and systems. Furthermore, our customers expect verifiable safety standards and unambiguous measuring procedures. Yet another important topic is the shift towards new and additional technologies in the field of shop- and communication concepts: Along with integrating a great deal more projects involving light technology and LED screens or walls, we have implemented a sophisticated Projection Mapping installation for a shopping-centre client. In general, we see a continuous growth potential in the LED market: Finer and finer resolutions improving the picture quality as well as falling prices and significantly increased user-friendliness in terms of installation and maintenance make using LED screens much more attractive.

In 2019, we push-started and implemented many exciting projects – in some of which we took the lead as responsible contractors and in others we acted as partners in a well-functioning team. As in previous years, the keywords “partner“ and “partnership” once again made it to the top of our list of favourite catchwords in 2019. The increasing consolidation on the market led (and continues to lead) to strong and further growing partner structures. In line with the motto “Winning together is better than losing alone”, tenders today are often submitted – and, at best, won – by a network of interdisciplinary teams. This confirms our corporate philosophy, which we have been communicating and pursuing for years. We will maintain this course in the future and very much look forward to 2020, a year in which we will finally put into action many of the projects we have so thoroughly prepared in the past months. So, stay tuned, the story remains exciting…

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