Team NORDLAND Up close! Digital Signage by Hunkemöller

Hunkemöller neues Digital Signage Konzept

Hunkemöller: new Digital Signage concept

Ahrensburg, 17 December 2018. You can say a lot of things about the day-to-day work routine of a NORDLAND technician, but you could never call it


(Almost) every day holds various new challenges, and each job site is different, not only from a geographical point of view: From the branch of a bank to a shopping centre; from the North Sea coast across the Indian Ocean to New Delhi – our experienced and competent experts constantly need to adapt to the changing requirements and tasks at the different job sites.

Hence, a NORDLAND technician is basically unflappable and the epitome of Hanseatic coolness.

Most of the time…

…because when installing digital screens at the lingerie company Hunkemöller this year, our technicians were confronted with a very special challenge: How on earth is one supposed to concentrate on ones work when one is surrounded by a sheer endless variety of seductive lingerie?

Hunkemöller neues Digital Signage Konzept

But seriously? Nothing will make a NORDLAND technician lose his cool – not even Hunkemöller. And therefore, our guys, in their customary experienced and organised way, successfully completed this job as well:

Commissioned by the Belgium company dobit solutions – which is responsible for the digital store concept and maintenance of Hunkemöller’s Digital Signage systems – our team of technicians installed various different advertising screens in the company’s Wertheim and Paderborn stores to create a particularly seductive shopping experience: From a 65-inch screen in the check-out area to shop window modules and touch screens in the dressing rooms, which are installed on the wall next to the mirror. These touch screens offer lady customers the opportunity to try on and examine their choice of lingerie items in 4 different light scenarios, accompanied by suitable music. Instead of putting the ego of potential customers to a test in garish neon light, this clever multi-solution system allows the female customer to plunge into a relaxing beach atmosphere or immerse herself in romantic candle light. This surely is one highlight of the digital concept that has genuinely thrilled (in particular) NORDLAND’s female colleagues (who are also Hunkemöller customers).

Smarte Multimedia-Lösungen.

Aus Norddeutschland.

Für ganz Europa.

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