The best Digital Signage is…: Simply indestructible!

Support für eine gesprengte Commerzbank-Stelle

Support for a blown up Commerzbank branch

Ahrensburg, 9 January 2019. NORDLAND installation survives blasting of an ATM located within close proximity unscathed. In the early morning of the 28th December 2018, as yet unidentified perpetrators destroyed the ATM of the Commerzbank branch in the Ziegelstein district of Nuremberg. Although the enormous force of the detonation caused severe damage at the cash machine and the window front on the ground floor of the building, the advertising screen installed in the shop window of the self-service area came through this massive explosion miraculously undamaged.

While the investigators of the Criminal Investigation Department still searched the crime scene to secure evidence, we already had, once again and without any trace of doubt, found conclusive evidence for this:  If you think you can easily shake NORDLAND’s high-quality workmanship – think again…!

Smarte Multimedia-Lösungen.

Aus Norddeutschland.

Für ganz Europa.

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