Welcome to NORDLAND! Four new apprentices have started their vocational training

Ahrensburg, 8. August 2019.

Welcome to NORDLAND, Bastian, Chiara, Jan-Peter and Svea!

On 1 August, in beautiful summer weather and an atmosphere full of high spirits and eager anticipation, four young people from Stormarn started their apprenticeships at NORDLAND. In the coming two or three years respectively, the new NORDLANDIANS will be given in-depth insights into the company’s various different departments, and there – in addition to learning the theoretical ropes of their future professions at vocational school – will gain the practical experience required for their future jobs.

“We are thrilled to have won such nice and highly motivated young apprentices for our company”, outlines Matthias Holz, Managing Director at NORDLAND. “Our training programmes are very demanding. We closely integrate our apprentices in our everyday business activities right from the very beginning, and, supported by our training supervisors, entrust them with small projects early on, which they carry out independently and in their own responsibility.”  

From now on, for Bastian Lilje and Jan-Peter Schütte the complex and versatile world of Information Technology is no longer only a serious hobby but the basis for a successful start into working life: As future IT system electronics technicians, they are learning to create and implement customised system solutions in the field of IT and POS technology. After a short “settling-in phase“, it was off to a start straight away: already on his second day, Bastian accompanied a colleague on his on-site visits to customers.

Chiara Ortiz Farci and Svea Ulzhöfer have also been involved in day-to-day business operations right from the outset. Within the framework of their training programme as administrative assistants (office management), they will get to know the business in different commercial departments and support their colleagues in carrying out their various projects and everyday tasks.  

In addition to their respective supervisors and other colleagues in the team, each apprentice has a mentor who is constantly available as a fixed point of contact. “It is very important to us that our apprentices get on well with each other. And, of course, our “freshman” apprentices strongly benefit from the knowledge imparted to them by our second- and third-year trainees”, explains Matthias Holz.

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